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Word Document Details Extractor is an excellent software designed to make changes in the properties of the word files. The software consists of all essential options required while editing details of the word files. It can execute all formats of word files like. Doc, docx, etc. For changing of details. It also serves option to save the edited files in a target folder chosen by the user. The software is created in a way that more people could util

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Window 10 CompatibleWord Document Details Extractor software is made to extract details of the word files. The tool is capable of harvesting properties from word files like doc, docx, etc. And has the efficiency to process thousands of these in one go. It is equipped with the latest features required to extract properties of MS word. The tool has expertise in extracting properties like keywords, title, author, category, etc. From various .DOC or.DOCX files. The unique thing about this tool is its speed and accuracy in finishing the work. Together with extracting properties the software also provides you the choice to save the files. It has the efficiency to save them either in .CSV or.TXT formats. This software is the best way to extract properties of the word files. Key Points:- It can extract properties of word files. Tool has the efficiency to process 1000s of word files in one go. It supports word files of all formats like .doc, .docx. Properties like Title, Subject, Author, etc. can be easily edited. Extracted properties can be saved in .csv or .txt format. It is best way to extract properties from numerous word files. It is flexible to work in all versions of MS office i.e. 2013, 2010 & 2007.

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